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Mexico City Journal [May. 30th, 2009|02:01 am]
Troy Swain: Black Box Miasma

Mexico City Journal

I have a black eye from my first Thai boxing class.
I broke my toe in Acapulco by walking into a plastic chair.
I have a scar on the bridge of my nose from swimming underwater.
I have junky-looking arms from playing with five crazy puppies with sharp puppy teeth.
I have blisters on my thumbs from playing Xbox.
Dumbest wounds ever.

I'm finally falling into a routine here in Mexico City. Life is starting to form a familiar pattern that is still punctuated with newness and the spirit of a leisurely vacation. We get to the office at around noon. Work until seven or so and then either go to jujitsu or out to eat. We eat out all the time. Later, we'll play dominoes or cards or Xbox or just play with the dogs. We don't go out much, so I haven't met many single women, which is disappointing, especially because I don't speak Spanish, so picking someone up at a non-pick up spot is difficult for me.

I'm going to start posting again. Little things.

What's up with everyone? I haven't been online much.

[User Picture]From: jakapak
2009-05-30 09:14 am (UTC)

just jelis

Those sound like great wounds to me (at least much better than the callous I have on my hand from making espresso drinks all day and gripping the safety rails in busses). I'm glad you finally updated about Mexico City! It sounds great. Learn Spanish. I'm completely jealous.
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[User Picture]From: uberdionysus
2009-05-31 08:05 am (UTC)
Well, the black eye came from my own fists. I was holding this maxipad looking pads that wrap around the forearm with velcro. I was exhausted from the class - like seriously exhausted; where it's a difficult chore to breathe. And anyway, I was too tired to properly hold the maxipads so for five quick punches, the bag, and my fist, was forced into my face.

So you're a barista now? Cool. You like it? Where are you at?
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[User Picture]From: jakapak
2009-06-01 07:12 am (UTC)
Ok, maybe that wound is not as great as the others, but still sounds kinda cool (except for maxipad stuff).

I've been a barista for about 2 years now at some independent coffee shop, it's okay except for getting below minimum wage, but it makes up for it by allowing me occasional B-F list celebrity sightings, cute guys to ogle, I get to eat/drink whatever I want all the time, and it's flexible enough so I can go to school/work my other job/go on trips.
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