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Black Box Miasma

art, culture, politics, f***ing off

Troy Swain: Black Box Miasma
I am nasty, hateful, petty trailer trash. I am an extroverted misanthrope who is emotionally stunted and completely self-contained (but if you don’t call me back, I’ll get pissed off).

I was kicked out of the U.S. Army, a fraternity, a Christian cult, several jobs, a few relationships, a couple of art shows, several bars, many apartments and, finally, grad school. I socialize well, am a people person and a team player.

I always wanted to be Boba Fett or Wile E. Coyote. To me they were both brilliant tragic figures. Two Bad Asses buffeted about by fate, but cooler, smarter and more interesting than anyone that surrounded them. Who cares that Boba Fett was eaten by a vagina dentata? Who cares that Wile E. constantly gets blown up, smashed and eviscerated from his own hubris? They always come back and they always have cool toys (and they made all of their cool toys). Shit, both of them have jet-packs. I want to have a jet-pack! Weren't we all supposed to have jet-packs by 1999?


The Main Characters in My Life